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Landowners use wildlife habitat management when they want to see an increase of specific types of wildlife on their property. We provide sound advice to increase wildlife for game and non-game species, tailored to meet the particular needs of the Landowner.

Promise Habitat Services, LLC (PHS) generally starts by developing a detailed written plan that outlines each objective. Then we develop long term plans/projects required to

The experts at PHS know that soil conditions are a significant part of reestablishing plants in any area.  Careful analysis of mineral content, soil moisture, and microorganisms are additional steps required before a final restoration plan.

Wildlife habitat management and restoration support life by encouraging a growth in numbers of endangered and protected species.  Habitat increases in size when a previously disturbed piece of land is restored to a healthy state.  This may be beneficial to people as well because wilderness designs can incorporate economic and recreational activities. Humans often maintain their sense of balance through outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. A restored natural area is a great place to renew your sense of peace and balance while appreciating the many facets of the wildlife.


  • Confirm property’s tax status.

  • Research requirements of local taxing entities so appropriate applications are properly completed and filed.

  • Coordinate requests for essential project maps, such as aerial, soil, and topographic maps.

  • Provide an on-site assessment and discuss landowner goals and management options.

  • Prepare a formal plan with completed application forms and supporting documents.

Wildlife habitat management is an ongoing process that improves selected areas of the property while meeting pre-approved goals and objectives. PHS represents the landowner while working through the documented timeline of restoration and management.

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