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How Forestry Mulching Transforms Property

Have you ever been on a large piece of land or at a park and seen an area that is so overgrown, not even animals are likely to wander through the foliage? This overgrowth is not just a giant eye-sore; it is also a buffet for a wildfire. At Promise Habitat Services, LLC, we provide forestry mulching services to help keep Florida looking beautiful as well as reduce the risks of wildfires.

Promise Habitat Equipment Operator on Skid Steer with Mulcher

What Is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method where a machine is used to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. Commercial, residential, and public land clearing projects often use forestry mulching because it is efficient as well as good for the earth beneath.

Before Forestry Mulching

Why Use Forestry Mulching Services?

After mowing over trees and brush, there is plant matter left behind which is also called organic mulch. This mulch will slowly decompose and deposit nutrients into the soil. Recycling these nutrients back into the land is a great way to help with regrowth and land restoration by improving the condition of the soil.

When your soil is in good condition and has a layer of organic mulch sitting on top of it, the root systems of your trees are being protected. During rainy or windy days, that soil beneath the mulch is also staying put because of its protection helping to reduce erosion on your property significantly.

As mentioned before, having overgrowth is holding onto fuel for wildfires. By reducing the amount of weeds and brush on the property, also known as fuel reduction, there is less chance of a wildfire spreading or growing to drastic proportions.

After Forestry Mulching

How Forestry Mulching Works

At Promise Habitat Services, the forestry mulching equipment we use are skid steers with attachments called mulchers that grind up any plant matter we mow over. In most cases, trees that are less than a specific diameter specified by the client are taken down as well as overgrowth and weeds to help make the area look more beautiful and become more beneficial to the diverse ecosystem on your property.


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