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Habitat restoration is the manipulation of the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of a site to return it to its native state. Invasive and exotic plants are among the main challenges that affect habitat management in Florida.


The state’s subtropical climate allows a wide variety of non-native plants to survive. Birds drop seeds, or they arrive on ships. Individuals bring invasive plants from other areas. The result is a fight to reclaim infested acreage every year.



There are quite a few different approaches and technologies for environmental restoration. The situation’s requirements determine which choices to make.

Some of the different technologies we use at Promise Habitat Services are:

  • Computerized regulation which handles high-tech processes such as environmental control.

  • Computer modeling and computer-based mapping to add efficiency to restorative work.

  • 3D printing is used to create realistic productions of certain proposed areas.


  • Environmental Restoration

  • Wildlife Restoration

  • Exotic Species Treatment and Management

  • Reforestation

  • Tree Planting

  • Prescribed Burning

As well as many other services that help turn your land into a beautiful thriving ecosystem. 

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