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Forest management planning provides consulting services that we tailor to the needs of government agencies, development companies, or individuals. The services offer guidance from managing forests to maximizing forestry operations revenue generated on their property. 

PHS writes a detailed business plan regarding the forest resource, including a schedule for recommended management practices, objectives, soil maps, and a detailed list of timber types. Forest management planning maps show past and current forest conditions and the scheduled treatments. 

We then submit the plan to the county property appraisers with a request for an agricultural tax exemption. The financial benefit can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars each year. The management timeline results in land improvement while meeting or exceeding identified goals and objectives.


  • Prescribed Burning

  • Timber Sale Assistance

  • Timber Valuation

  • Timber Purchasing

  • Timber Harvesting

  • Tree Planting

Promise Habitat Services also incorporates landowner-specific foals into the land, such as hunting, wildlife, and recreation. The forest consists of more than trees, and it is crucial to include all of the features that make it healthy.

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